Theatrically Corrupt

In Chicago, a storm is brewing – prohibition is still a new law and the scars from the Great War are still healing. In the soon to be broken peace, a pair of siblings tries to keep themselves from splintering.

Jennifer Montgomery, known to all who matter as Monty, has thrown herself into a rather scandalous life of private investigation (much to her mother’s consternation). Her best friend’s father has just been found dead in his store and now Monty must unravel the mystery that goes much deeper than a dead cobbler, all the while trying to seal the fractures of her past.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown – and never had Toby Montgomery felt the weight of it until now. Newly returned from a year of respite after fighting the Great War, Toby is side by side his younger sister Monty, as she wades knee deep into the dark side of Chicago. But he has his own demons – those of the past (both his and his sister’s) that he must come to terms with.

Everything comes to a head in the wake of their younger sister’s engagement. As the family’s golden child, the youngest daughter, Melinda’s life is one of bliss and family devotion. But the wedding draws near, Monty and Toby find that the answers to a murder may turn up closer to home than they realized.

With the help of James Barrett – a police detective with stronger ties to her family than Monty wishes to admit – and Benjamin Hawthorne – Toby’s best friend and a grounding force for both siblings – the Montgomery siblings will solve the case – but will they like what they discover?